Hi, I'm Anderson.

I'm a Digital Humanist, College Lecturer, Game Designer, VR Researcher, and Frontend Developer.

Courses Taught

Title Summary Link(s)
MMP 100 BMCC Course, an introduction to Multimedia.
Spring 2019
MMP 200 BMCC Course in HTML & CSS with emphasis on Design and UX/UI principles, introduction to frameworks.
Fall 2018

Spring 2018
CIS 3810 Baruch College Course covering Principles of New Media.
Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Fall 2015
CIS 3750 Baruch College Course covering Social Media in Organizations.
Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Fall 2015
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Web Dev

Title Art Summary Link(s)
SecondaryMarket.BIZ Aggregating the sites Codexfolio.com, CartridgeCurator.com, and ComicCollector.Today I run a network of resources for people interested in secondary collector markets. SecondaryMarket.BIZ
The Gentle Introductions Resource Digital Humanities resource based on a close reading of Hartl's Rails Tutorial. Resource Link: Gentle Intros
Github Link: Gentle Intros Repo
Modern Aeon Game Development Studio ModernAeon.com


Title Art Summary Link(s)
MarsVR Demo Simple rail path around orbiting planet optimized for OpenVR (SteamVR) on Windows. Tested with Oculus DK2. Available now on Itch.io
Bowling Game Assets Built with Blender. Available now on Sketchfab

Game Samples

Title Art Summary Link(s)
TAD: That Alien Dude This retro RPG follows an alien cartoon character escaping from a government base. Available now on Steam
OpenTimaeus Plato's Timaeus in it's entirety in the style of a classic video game cutscene. Game and code available; Open Source release. Available now on Itch.io
Dead Head Driving One of many casual mobile games released for Android. Help Uncle Gary make the drive to a very important concert. Available now on Google Play

Publication Samples

Published July of 2013
Fun Reading For Recent Grads pt. 4

Published January of 2010
The Week Late Night Went to War